Sister Ivy Baker [1]

Sister Ivy Baker at the Rockhampton Hospital ca. 1930Nurse Ivy Baker with colleagues at the Rockhampton Hospital in 1927Sister Ivy Baker at the Rockhampton Hospital ca. 1960 

Ivy Baker commenced a four-year nursing course at the Rockhampton General Hospital in 1926. On completion of this initial training, she undertook midwifery studies at the Lady Goodwin Hospital which was opened in 1930. After completing these qualifications, she embarked on a lifetime of service to the sick and injured.

Throughout her years of service, she worked in most wards and departments of the Rockhampton Hospital. She held the position of Deputy Matron on many occasions. She was known within the hospital as being both fair and strict. Some co-workers even went so far as to describe her as a 'dragon lady' or 'fire eater' for her strict demeanour.

After spending forty-two years at the Rockhampton Hospital, Ivy Baker finally retired in 1968. In 1983, the second wing of the North Rockhampton Nursing Centre was named in her honour.

The photograph above left shows Sister Baker ca. 1930 while those at the centre and on the right show Nurse Ivy Baker with other nursing students at the Rockhampton Hospital in about 1927 and Sister Ivy Baker on a verandah at the Rockhampton Hospital later in her career.



1. Information and photographs in the ACHHA Collection.