View of Mount Morgan’s first hospital from the river bank 1930s
Title View of Mount Morgan’s first hospital from the river bank 1930s
Description The photograph is a 1930s view of Mount Morgan’s first hospital, the General, on Hospital Hill, from the bank of the Dee River in the gold mining town of Mount Morgan. (It contrasts with the two following J. H. Lundager photographs on our website of views looking down at the Dee River and the town from the hospital). Opened in 1890, the hospital was more than half way through its life at the time of the photograph. Miners’ cottages surround the hospital on the hill. The former East Street Bridge is pictured in the front. Horses can be seen grazing along the bank and drinking from the river. The original caption states: ‘East Street bridge, over the Dee River. General Hospital in the background’. [Description prepared by Catherine McIntosh, great-granddaughter of Thomas Upsell Stubbs (1868 - 1954), original furnace worker at the Mount Morgan Gold Mining Company Limited, and foundation member of the Mount Morgan Brass Band in the 1880s, and great-granddaughter of Lillian Elizabeth Stubbs (née Ryder), who passed away from pneumonia at Mount Morgan’s first hospital in 1915 (aged 46).]
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Publisher Australian Country Hospital Heritage Association Inc.
Source (Original) Central Queensland Herald (Rockhampton, Qld.: 1930 - 1956), 5 December 1935. National Library of Aus
Subject Mount Morgan
Subject Mount Morgan Hospital
Coverage - Spatial Mount Morgan, Queensland
Coverage - Time 1930s
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