Rockhampton Hospital staff 1951
Title Rockhampton Hospital staff 1951
Description There are two physical copies of this image, one with names handwritten written on the back and one with typed names below. The two sets are not identical. Combining these two lists with information available from staff records, the list of staff below is considered to be an accurate record of staff at the hospital in 1951. Front Row: Drs Anthony Loscher, Vic McGregor-Lowndes, Frank Bowley, John Meares, John Fullagar (Med. Super.), Matron Margret Fraser, Srs M. Collins (Dep. Matron), Margaret Graham (Tutor Sister), Mr Cecil Pritchard (Hospital Board Secretary); 2nd Row: Mr A. Robertson (Radiographer), Miss F. Vines (Housekeeper), Miss L. Gilmour (Physiotherapist), Srs Ivy Baker, M. Knowles, C. Jefferies, M. Southgate, G. James, L. Ramsay, Grace Elliott, M. Cheetham, Mr North Dean (Pharmacist); 3rd Row: Srs Peg Stevenson, Ivy Atherton, Billie Wells, Nurses I. Curran, L. Lovaas, Dorothy Ross, Sr L. Gwynne, Nurses K. Griffin, A. Golik, Srs A. Smith, E. Haynes; 4th Row: Mary Dearness, Barbara Lees, Peggy Hounsham, Clarice Templeman, Pam Johnson, Margot Shepherd, Rae Farmer, Joan Toft, May Britt, N. Bolton, Dorothy George, Molly McGrath, Joyce Dean, Betty Cagney; 5th Row: Noreen O'Flynn, Beth Sander, Clarice Wieting, Ruth Ireland, Gwenda Torenbeck, Daphne Torenbeck, Joy Robins, Jill Grayson, May Anderson, Hetty Hudson, Clare Morrison, Gladys Herbert, Margaret Geary; 6th Row: Clarice Denny, D. Hill, Margaret Leslie, M. Brown, Joan Moriarty, Marion Coombes, Margaret Neale, Hope Nelson, Dawn Hewitt, Audrey O'Shea, Elaine Higgs; Seventh Row: Edgar Hallett, Arthur Evans, Fred Hender, J. Page, G. Gorman, Fay Foote, M. Griffith, Eileen Seeney, Mary Thomasson, Maureen Curtis, Alma Wooler, Colleen Smith.
Image Number 424
Publisher Australian Country Hospital Heritage Association Inc.
Source (Original) Hal True Studios Rockhampton Qld
Subject Doctors
Subject Nurses
Subject Rockhampton Hospital
Coverage - Spatial Rockhampton Hospital, Rockhampton, Queensland
Coverage - Time 1951
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