Early ward block at Rockhampton Hospital
Title Early ward block at Rockhampton Hospital
Description The building was one of the major wings of the Rockhampton Hospital for which overall construction was commenced in 1867. This wing was perpendicular to the original building at the western end and faced North Street. When the Lady Goodwin Hospital was completed in 1930, the central lift tower which was part of the new structure linked and provided access to the older buildings as well. Such buildings would have been used for different purposes over time. However we do have some information about the uses later in its service life. Around the 1970 period, the ground floor was the Female Surgical Ward 2 while the middle floor housed the Female Medical Wards 5ABC. The upper floor was the Psychiatric Ward 5D. When the Surgical Block was opened in 1973, Female Surgical was moved to this new building and Female Medical Ward 5ABC moved to the ground floor. Between that time and the demolition of the building in 1986 the wards served other functions such as rehabilitation and long-stay accommodation as well as an isolation area.
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Coverage - Spatial North Street, Rockhampton, Queensland
Coverage - Spatial Rockhampton Hospital, Rockhampton, Queensland
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